Juvenile Crimes: What can they mean?

Juvenile crimes can mean a great deal in a child’s future. If you are a minor or you are a parent to a minor that is arrested for committing a juvenile crime, there are long term consequences if not handled properly.

At Hall Rustom LLC, we represent juveniles charged with criminal offenses. It is our goal to preserve your child’s record so there are no future ramifications or at least, only minimal effects. The juvenile justice system is designed to keep a child’s delinquency as a child private. However, sometimes, their juvenile crimes could follow them into their adult life.

If your child is arrested by police officers, there are certain rules the police must follow:

  • They must take adequate measures to contact the parent or guardian of the child and allow them access to the child, and
  • They must have a certified juvenile officer present to look out for the child’s interests. The juvenile officer cannot play dual roles (as investigator of the crime AND as juvenile officer) so it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible to make sure your child’s rights are not violated.

We represent children charged with many types of juvenile crimes, including but not limited to:

  • Assault & Battery
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Drug Possession and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • DUI & Serious Traffic Offenses
  • Sex Crimes
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Violent Crimes including murder

Each of these juvenile crimes could be complicated with various ranges of punishment and it takes an experienced attorney to recognize the caveats and nuances that could make or break whether your child is ultimately adjudicated a delinquent and whether your child will face incarceration until they are 21years old.

Variations in sentences range from:

Court Supervision & Probation

  • Court Supervision (no conviction and no adjudication of delinquency as long as the minor completes the court supervision successfully.
  • Probation and/or Intensive Probation (conviction enters on juvenile record and adjudication of delinquency is entered of record, although the record is private and does not transfer to adult record).
  • Typical conditions of juvenile probation in Illinois [705 ILCS 405/5-715(2)]
    • Refraining from violating any local, state, or federal laws, including curfew violations, traffic violations, and using alcohol or drugs
    • Possessing or discharging a firearm
    • Not leaving Illinois without permission of the court or the probation officer
    • Attending school or obtaining employment
    • Attending all scheduled visits with probation officer
    • Counseling
    • Restitution
    • Community service
    • Home confinement
    • Paying a probation fee

Detention & Incarceration in Juvenile Prison

  • Detention – Although detention centers are more often used pre-trial, youth detention centers are also used for short periods of detention as part of a sentence. Juvenile detention facilities provide short term secure confinement. Juvenile detention sentences may not exceed 30 days pursuant to [705 ILCS 405/5-710-1(a)(v)].
  • Incarceration – Sentences are more restrictive and are reserved for the more serious offenders and habitual offenders. Youth may only be committed to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) if they are at least 13 years old, and they may remain in IDJJ custody until their 21st birthdays.
    • There are 8 Illinois Youth Centers in Illinois and two centers (Warrenville & Pere Marquette) serve women. The other 6 serve male offenders.
  • Sentences to IDJJ are indeterminate, so no set length of time of incarceration is established, except that the youth must be released by his or her 21st birthday, or by the maximum time an adult would serve for the same charge pursuant to 705 ILCS 405/5-710(7).
    • A committed youth may receive “good time” credits that allow for reductions in time served.

If your child is charged with a juvenile crime, they may face life altering consequences to their future and freedom if you do not properly defend against these types of charges.

When you hire an attorney at Hall Rustom LLC, we promise the following:

  • You will be represented by a partner with extensive experience will represent you, not an inexperienced associate that pushes paper.
  • Our fees are reasonable and consistent with local price ranges.
  • We strive to actively communicate with clients on a regular basis, providing regular updates clients are not kept in the dark about their case.
  • As former prosecutors, our lawyers can see both sides of your case and adequately prepare the best possible defense. It is, after all, your constitutional right to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Our lawyers force prosecutors to follow that burden.
  • You will benefit from our respectful, transparent representation.

We are LAWYERS WITH YOUR INTERESTS IN MIND. If you are charged with one of these types of crimes, the sooner that you talk with an attorney the more your lawyer can do to help protect your interests. Contact us at the law firm of Hall Rustom, LLC to schedule a free initial consultation. Fill out our online contact form, or call our office at 309-699-4691 or toll free at 877-412-2093.

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