Our work speaks for itself… but so do our clients!

08.28.2021 – Glad I trusted my gut!
Francisco – 5 stars

I had a serious legal matter involving a teenaged family member which included the potential for long-term detrimental consequences on multiple levels. I live near Chicago and the case was downstate. Many recommended against hiring a Peoria attorney. You can’t trust they’ll have your interests at heart, they will be disconnected, your case will suffer… After consulting several leads, I knew immediately in discussing the case with Jeff, that we had a trustworthy ally on our side. The process wasn’t always perfect, but he and his team were frank, deliberate, and no-nonsense about each step we were to undertake. We were given a wealth of information/knowledge garnered from their prior experiences to study. We followed their lead on strategies to prepare and react to changing case status and they did a fantastic job of keeping us informed. In the end, we received a fair and just outcome. Much better results than we were expecting, and it stands as a sobering second chance for my family, a growing restoration of confidence in our legal system, and the peace of mind knowing we had professionals like Jeff and Chris in our corner defending us – That’s is what they do and we are very thankful that we counted on them for representation.


03.03.2021 – Expungement and Sealing
Anonymous – 5 stars

No word typed here will ever be able to explain the profound level of gratitude that I feel for Mr. Hall. He took my expungement case on very short notice. He was able to fix errors in my attempt to file pro se. He allowed us to keep the court date and corrected the filing error, allowing him to submit the vital documentation needed to make this possible.

His level of communication was second-to-none. He reached out with follow-up questions and updates so promptly that it far exceeded my expectations. He texted, called, and emailed documents and information to ensure that I was never left out of the loop. This level of service is unheard of in the legal world.

When I told Mr. Hall my story, a very long story of trouble, misdemeanors, felony drug possession, and traffic violations, he was moved. He expressed his passion for helping individuals who wanted to control their lives and stop being held down by the oppression of past mistakes. He followed through on that promise and did so without me ever needing to step foot in the courthouse.

Sky’s the limit for me from here. I have applied for my passport. I am in the process of finishing my last year of college, and I’ll be teaching abroad in 2022-most likely in South Korea. Me Hall didn’t just help me out in court…he helped me gain my life back. The energy that I never could have because of my criminal record acting as a goalie and blocking opportunities and scaring prospective employers and colleges. I have a considerable burden of life on my shoulders- thanks to Mr. Hall and his associates. If I were going into law- he’d be the one I’d want to learn from! He’s a genius.


01.04.2021 – Jeff Hall … thorough, dependable and expedient
Charlene – 5 stars

Jeffrey Hall researched, analyzed and worked diligently on our son’s case. He proved he is trustworthy and truly dedicated to helping people that are determined to change their life paths. Mr. Hall provides results.


10.30.2020 – All the THANKS in the world is just not enough!! 20+ STARS
Megan – 5 stars

We hired Jeff at the beginning of March because my husband lost his license in 2011 (DUI) and we had a horrible time trying to get it back on our own and couldn’t find someone to help us. A family member mentioned his name, I got his number, called that day and a week later we met with Jeff. He is the nicest guy, doesn’t judge, makes you feel like you have known him forever, very honest, affordable, and genuinely cares about his clients. After an hour with Jeff we hired him. I was super nervous at the beginning but after talking to Jeff I knew we knew were in good hands. He told us what to do step by step from the beginning, his communication and organization couldn’t have been any better. He made the process easy for us and followed everything we told us to do before the hearing. Jeff prepared my husband so well that when he got to the hearing he felt comfortable and ready to go. My husband said that once they got into the room for the hearing, Jeff took control and guided my husband through it all. My husband said that after Jeff started talking to the officer he knew that everything was going to be ok. After thinking my husband would have to be on probation and possibly have a another BAIID installed (bc his BAC was extremely high), we get a letter today saying his license was fully reinstated with no probation and no BAIID. I was speechless! We can’t thank Jeff enough for everything he has done for us!! It was the best day ever and after 9 years my husband can now drive again!!!!! Thank you, Jeff, you are amazing at what you do and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!! RECOMMENDED!!!!!!


10.28.2020 – Excellent traffic lawyer!
Anonymous – 5 stars

I hired Jeffrey Hall for my son who got a hefty speeding ticket. At the beginning, he clearly laid out all the possible outcomes for the case which was extremely helpful for our understanding. Throughout the duration of the case, he gave insightful updates and was always willing to answer any questions or concerns we had. Upon resolution of the case, he got my son a very good deal which was taking the misdemeanor charge all the way down to a petty offense which won’t go on his record. Highly recommend for anyone who has any traffic violations in Tazewell County!


07.23.2020 – Excellent choice
Anonymous – 5 stars

Mr. Hall was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and I am very happy to have found Mr. Hall. Jeff helped me through a very difficult time and assisted me professionally and with courtesy. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone, excellent indeed.


10.25.2019 – Without a doubt the best lawyer!
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff and his team helped me out through the worst nightmare in my life. I am so thankful that I found him and hired him! It was the best decision! I went to a few different lawyers before I found him, and he was the only one that I got the positive vibe from. That he could actually truly help me through my problem. And it was absolutely true! I was in a bad car accident where unfortunately a person passed away. I was in jeopardy of ending up in jail for man slaughter, even though it wasn’t my fault. He was able to completely dismiss the entire case in 10 months. He is very communicative and any questions I’ve had he answered them, and he was very supportive. Trust me if you are in need for a lawyer he is definitely your best option! You won’t make a mistake in hiring him! Thank you, Jeff, from the bottom of my heart!


09.25.2019 – Excellent work!
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff and the team did a great job throughout the whole process on my case. He explained things very clearly and concisely on my first consultation, and all throughout the process. They made a difficult situation easier to deal with, which is very hard to do! Very quick response to questions, and very thorough answers. Highly recommended!


07.30.2019 – Excellent service
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff helped me resolve a problem that I had for a speeding ticket. Great service and reasonable rates . Would highly recommend their services.


02.19.2019 – Excellent
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff Hall recently represented me in a two class X felony and two class 1 felony charge case against me from Summer Camp Music Festival 2018 , back in May. Mr. Hall was very supportive, attentive and involved with my case. He walked me through the whole process and helped me figure out and understand my best options for the circumstances. He was able to get a speedy outcome to my case and reduced my charges to one class 4 felony with no conviction. I would highly suggest Mr. Hall if you are looking for a knowledgeable and helpful lawyer whom gets the job done.


09.17.2018 – He gets it done!
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff hall has helped me with a few cases and each one was hard work, but he got it figured out ALWAYS in my favor. I recommend him to everyone I know.


06.27.2018 – Out of State Petition
Tim – 5 stars

Jeff Hall did a excellent job on my Out of State Petition for Reinstatement of driving privileges. He is very knowledgeable of the laws and is able to navigate the petitioner through a very difficult process. His price is fair and my petition was approved in 3 1/2 months. I highly recommend him as a lawyer. My advice, don’t go it alone, hire Jeff.


05.09.2018 – Satisfied client
T.L. – 5 stars

Jeff was a very confident and competent lawyer who not only speaks your language but simplified the process and steps in terms that make it cut and dry, he guides you on your path and if you follow through with his plan from your end, I will attest he will follow through with his. This is a facts and data driven lawyer, who provides a plan that is realistic and not just what you want to hear. I highly recommend his talent and as a bonus provision of his ability, for a DUI case look into court records to see who represents POLICE OFFICERS and that would be Jeff. He provided exactly what he said, when he said, and the results were positive as he said.


04.05.2018 – Amazing Attorney
Madisyn – 5 stars

Jeff is an amazing lawyer and got me a way better outcome than I thought was possible to get. He is very professional but at the same time very easy to talk to and helped me feel a lot more confident with my case. I can’t thank Jeff and his team enough for how hard they worked on my case and how great of a job they did.


03.05.2018 – Explanation of CDL laws
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff did a great job understanding my situation, gave me options then was able to take care of the issue in a timely manner. He understands the DUI laws when obtaining a CDL. Even took the time to call me and congratulate me after everything was figured out.


02.01.2018 – Speeding ticket
Nicolae S. – 5 stars

Jeff is a great lawyer. He was very honest with me and even recommend me do not hire him so I will not spend money because is not a lot that he can do on my case and he don’t wanna promise me nothing but I still hired him. And he hasn’t disappointed me, he did a great job on my case and dismissed it!
I’m very thankful for Jeff’s hard work and he is the lawyer that I will recommend to everyone!


12.13.2017 – Excessive Speeding Ticket
Anonymous – 5 stars

I am a 20-year-old African-American college student from Chicago that got caught going 112 mph in a 70 mph limit in Princeton, IL The officer who pulled me over said that he was supposed to arrest me and have my car towed away, but since it was my first offense ever, he secured my license and provided me a ticket and a mandatory court appearance in Bureau County. First thing I did was research the top lawyers in the area because I knew I wasn’t going to get a good deal. As a young college student from Chicago, they were ready to make an example out of me. I came across Mr. Hall, liked what I read about him, and contacted him. He provided me with a consultation and a reasonable amount to cover the case. I wasn’t trying to pay it because I was being cheap. I went to court without an attorney and they offered me a conviction and a $1,000 fine. I told them my attorney will be here next court appearance, even though I did not have an attorney at the time, I wasn’t taking that deal, so they moved my court appearance to a later date. I contacted Mr. Hall again, paid the money, and hired him to cover my case. He told me every scenario that I was possibly going to face in this case. I caught the ticket a week before classes started in Houston, TX. There was no way I was coming back to Illinois from Texas for a court date. Mr. Hall worked out a deal with the state’s attorney that got my court date moved ahead, not once, but twice. I am a basketball player and we are in season. Therefore, I was in jeopardy of missing class, basketball practice, and losing money because of my actions. Mr. Hall ended up working a deal with them that lessened the severity of my case to a petty offense. I ended up with 12-month supervision, paying court fees, enrolling in a driver’s improvement course, and NO CONVICTION. That was as good as it was going to get for me. This meant that I did not have to report my offense on job applications or anything else that required my behavioral history. I am satisfied and pleased with the work Mr. Hall has done. That is an understatement. I highly recommend him to defend your case. He is very intelligent, respectful, and well-knowledgeable about his profession. Mr. Hall told me that there were not any guarantees that he will get a deal that satisfied me. Nonetheless, I was still confident in him. He got the job done. I made one of the best decisions in my life by hiring Attorney Hall.


12.11.2017 – Unbelievable Criminal Defense *Excellent rating is an understatement*
Brian B. – 5 stars

I am a veteran with combat PTSD and a horrible history of alcohol abuse. I fell off the wagon again and received my third DUI within two months of getting my license back. I was arrested for this DUI after leaving the scene of an accident, which the court had complete video evidence and witnesses. I was facing a felony DUI with the possibility of 3-7 years of prison and a record that would suggest I serve some serious time. I asked a friend of mine that is a professional alcohol counselor for a referral to the BEST attorney. I was referred to Jeff Hall. I read the reviews on Avvo and was very impressed with his resume and reviews prior to meeting with him.

My consultation with Jeff definitely defines the type of man that he is. Jeff shared his patriotism and his selfless desire to help veterans. He also had a very real understanding of addiction and self-medicating. Jeff altruistically wants to see people get there life back on track and manageable. I left the consultation extremely impressed and was given his number to call if I began to have troubles, understanding my mental health was not in a great place. I actually did reach out to Jeff on multiple occasions where he was able to effectively able to counsel me.
Jeff was able to continue my court cases so I could continue getting the medical care that I needed. I was approached with a deal of 90 days in jail. I was actually very content with the offer and was ready to serve time, but this was not part of Jeff’s plan and he advised me to continue. I went to the next court date expecting a slightly different deal (maybe the extra tickets dropped). Jeff went to the bargaining table with surmounting evidence against us, we had no case to a trial because the clear video evidence. Jeff stuck to his plan and blew that deal completely off the table! The timing and precision of his negotiating got me an unbelievable deal. The District Attorney even mentioned that he has never given a deal anything close to this before. I was offered misdemeanor DUI, 5 days in jail, and ALL the other tickets were dropped! I was speechless. I was sentenced almost identically to my previous 2nd DUI that was only 4 years prior.

You are not going to find a better criminal attorney than Jeff Hall. His perfect rating on Avvo is great, but I do not believe it does justice to the quality of attorney he truly is. There is not another attorney that can compare, proven by the fact that no other attorney has accomplished such a feat before!

I will be hiring Jeff’s services to reinstate my license and to pursue sealing my records in the future.


10.11.2017 – Professional & Responsive
Anonymous – 5 stars

If you need a lawyer to represent you on a charge of DUI, I recommend Jeffrey Hall. He is honest, professional, respected and responsive. I believe that he and his associates were able to achieve the best possible outcome for my case.


09.22.2017 – A consummate professional
Anonymous – 5 stars

Attorney Hall represented me in a driving reinstatement case. Saying that I have horrible driving record would be an understatement. Through his representation, Attorney Hall obtained driving relief for me on the first attempt after four DUI convictions. He and his staff were highly professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. Unlike most firms, they are extremely responsive and keep you updated throughout the duration of your case. Attorney Hall genuinely cares and strives to achieve the best possible results for his clients. As someone who has been involved with and worked for law firms for nearly 20 years, I can attest that he is the go-to attorney in Central Illinois for DUI, driving reinstatement, and all other criminal matters.


08.18.2017 – Straight shooter!
Aaron – 5 stars

I was arrested and scared my career was going to be affected. I met with attorney Hall after meeting with a different one. He really took his time with me and he answered all my questions and set me at ease. He told me how it was likely going to end up and after talking with my family we hired him. His fee was affordable and he worked hard for me. First time hiring an attorney and I didn’t know what would happen but Im so glad I hired him. His attorney that works for him (Chris) was awesome too. They gave me a full case analysis and I totally understood and made things simple. Attorney Hall ended up resolving the case and saving my license with my driving record clean and nothing on my criminal record. I’m so glad I hired him and Chris.


05.25.2017 – Speeding Ticket – Class A Misdemeanor
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff and team did a great job for me. They were able to get my Class A misdemeanor changed to a petty offense. I highly recommend contacting them if you ever find yourself with a misdemeanor speeding ticket.


12.19.2016 – Charges dropped!
Anonymous – 5 stars

Working with Jeff Hall was a dream in an otherwise nightmare situation. After being charged with a felony at a festival, he ensured me that everything will be okay whilst updating me every step of the way. The charged were dropped without me personally having to go to court. Jeff is a caring individual who works hard for you. If you’re ever in trouble, Jeff Hall is your guy!


11.16.2016 – Moms and Dads THIS is the man to help you!
Anonymous – 5 stars

We had an occasion to need an attorney for our son who, had already moved home from ISU. He got into trouble when he went back to Bloomington Normal to visit friends and it turned out that the trouble was serious.

We found Jeff through some friends in Chicago and began speaking to him A WEEK before the charges were actually brought. Jeff was THE BEST to us. He used almost a day of his own family time to talk to us and “hold our hand’ through what we ‘thought’ might happen.

When it did and our son was arrested, Jeff was with us 100%. He explained the bonding out procedure, worked with our son, got his investigator to begin immediately. We had a slim chance to prove that what our son was charged with didn’t actually happen in the way he had been charged.
Jeff and his team worked tirelessly for a week, leaving no stone unturned, to make this happen. Anytime I called; frantic, afraid, worried he said” it’s ok. stay calm . We’ve got this”.

He was right, too. In a miraculous turn of events the charges were dropped and our son can go back to his life.

I can’t promise that will happen with your child, but I can tell you that this is the man you want with you while you go on your journey no matter the results. He is kind, caring, supportive, smart, the hardest working and will turn “heaven and earth” to help you.

God forbid we ever find ourselves in this position, but I am so grateful that when we did it was with Jeff Hall.

Thank you Jeff from the bottom of our hearts..for being the BEST lawyer and the nicest guy!


09.29.2016 – Anxiety after an arrest? Call Jeff Hall ASAP! He’s the expert on DUI and criminal law in Illinois.
Aaron – 5 stars

I reached out to Jeff after I was arrested for a traumatic DUI incident. I am a CDL holder and I didn’t know what to expect. I met with 2 attorneys before Jeff and they seemed very “to the point” and uncaring as to my situation (like they had to be somewhere else). At the first meeting, Jeff went over all outcomes he anticipated, did not exaggerate, appeared confident, communicated well, and set a realistic expectation for me. The other two attorneys said they would fight the case hard without really explaining how they would. When they quoted me a fee that seemed a bit high, two friends told me about Jeff and I researched him. I found he was involved with changing DUI laws to make them more fair and I felt he could protect me from long term consequences. I decided to meet with him and my anxiety went down from there (I hadn’t slept much since the arrest.

I hired Jeff and from there, he kept me updated on my case although he didn’t call me all the time and I liked that. He told me that he would update me when it was important because he didn’t want me to worry seeing him call me all the time.

After a few court dates I didn’t have to show up for (he appeared early and moved the dates as the case progressed), he analyzed my case, provided a detailed case analysis, and informed me of all the steps ahead.

His associate, Chris Leasor, is a former chief DUI prosecutor so he assisted as well. When you hire Jeff, you hire Chris as well and both of them working on my case really gave me a better advantage on my case.

In the end, they worked out a deal that 1) did not suspend/DQ my CDL and 2) had no jail time, fines were much less than I expected, and 3) he was just a genuinely nice, caring person.

If you have met with other attorneys and you just aren’t sure, meet with Jeff and Chris. They will alleviate your concerns, educate you on the entire process, and protect you from long term consequences. In hindsight, I would’ve paid Jeff a lot more than he charged me! He was definitely worth every penny.


09.08.2016 – Amazing guy!
Anonymous – 5 stars

After The motion of hearing for my case I was given an offer by the state and it was after that, that I hired Jeff to be my attorney for the case instead of having a PD. He was given all the police reports and after reviewing the video of my arrest he was able to set up a new agreement with the state that would result from me receiving a felony to a misdemeanor. He’s a great guy, easy to communicate with and very helpful and resourceful!


08.04.2016 – DUI Accident
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff is fantastic!! I was involved in a significant DUI accident where the prosecutor would not budge on a plea deal. After 8 months, I had to plead guilty and my case was set for sentencing. Jeff handled the sentencing like a true professional and made sure to hit on every positive piece of mitigation during sentencing in order to get me court supervision. During the months before the sentencing, Jeff met with me several times to give me advice on proactive things I could be doing and helped ease the anxiety of the consequences I was facing. He never lost his confidence in me, and it paid off to the most lenient sentence I could have received. My case wasn’t the run of the mill DUI – it was much more complicated and he still saved me from serious penalties. He’s a great guy, has amazing talent and knowledge with this stuff and a great attorney overall. Thank you, Jeff!!! So glad I found you!


05.10.2016 – Jeff Hall did an awesome job defending me!
Rosie – 5 stars

Jeff Hall is a very compassionate person who has done a great job for me. Jeff is easy to talk to and willing to work with his clients financially. He is knowledgeable and professional. He did an excellent job communicating with the prosecutor and with me. He always returned my calls and emails in a very timely manner. He was able to settle my charges to my satisfaction. I would recommend Jeff Hall without hesitation.


02.22.2016 – The Premier Summer Camp Defense Team
Anonymous – 5 stars

I got arrested on the way to Summer Camp Music Festival with a personal amount of marijuana and multiple smoking devices. I am a prominent real estate broker in Chicago and could NOT have this affect my career. After calling a few attorneys, Jeff was the first that seemed to actually care about my situation. My goal was to NOT get a criminal conviction on my record, and that’s exactly what Jeff did. On top of that, he calmed my fear and anxiety about the situation. I trusted him to take care of it, and he did, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Instead of having a criminal conviction or probation requiring urine analysis, I received NO conviction and only had to pay a small monetary fine to make it so its like this never even happened.

On top of everything, Jeff appeared in court for me, so I did not need to travel or miss work once, and was able to plea over FaceTime in a gas station parking lot while driving between cities on Umphrey’s tour.

I will be attending Summer Camp again in a few months, but learned the hard way it’s best not to bring anything. I would recommend you do the same, but if you insist on risking it, have Jeff’s number ready.


01.24.2016 – A very nice and trustworthy lawyer
Kevin V. – 5 stars

I had received a speeding ticket in the construction area going home for Winter Break. This man was able to reduce it to a regular speeding ticket and was able get the court to give me court supervision. Mr. Jeffrey Hall made this process fast and easy. Always kept contact with me (Text and Call). Highly recommend him for your Speeding and Traffic Tickets.


12.22.2015 – I owe my life to Jeff.
Anonymous – 5 stars

He is very helpful and cordial to me and helped me to reduce my speeding ticket to a petty traffic violation. His response to my emails is amazing. To be short, I owe my life to him.


11.17.2015 – Amazing lawyer! Very professional and extremely helpful.
Anonymous – 5 stars

I am extremely thankful for all the amazing help Jeff offered me. He really tries to get to know their clients and go above and beyond to obtain the best results. He helped me throughout the entire legal case process, he will always give me the attention I required and kept me well informed. Even after my case was closed and dismissed he still helped me in any sort of documentation or paperwork I needed in a very short time. I appreciate everything he did for my case and all the time he invested on it, he is a great professional and he really loves to help people. Thank you for everything Jeff!


08.26.2015 – Amazing
Chih-Chia Chen – 5 stars

Jeff Hall and his team was so amazingly helpful to us and had gone above and beyond the call of duty when we contacted him about my friend’s case. I found Jeff just a couple of days before my friend’s hearing, and at that time his public defender was recommending him to take the plead deal and serve jail time. Before we even paid Jeff the retainer fee, he stepped him and represented my friend and bought us more time. Because of him, my friend, who was looking at years of jail time from his criminal charge to probation only. They stay on top of things through the entire process, explained to us the strategies and the law tirelessly. Him and his team made us feel like we have found a powerful ally in our fight from day one. Jeff and his team are truly wonderful people who are not only excellent at what they do, but also compassionate and understanding. They were quite literally a godsend to us and I am beyond grateful to them!


05.09.2015 – Definitely the best!
Debie – 5 stars

Goes above and beyond. Knows the law, is focused on clients needs and always answers questions without rushing. Makes you feel like your needs are important. Def recommend highly.


03.28.2015 – Jeff H. & Chris L.
Matt – 5 stars

Very great thank you guys so much now I can get back on my career I would recommend Chris leasor or Jeff anytime theirs a problem!


02.24.2015 – Administrative Hearings Attorney
Eric – 5 stars

Jeff is the go-to guy when it comes to Secretary of State Administrative Hearings! These hearings are complicated to begin with, and without Jeff Hall’s knowledge and experience in these matters there’s no way I would have had the successful outcome that I did. Jeff knows exactly what is required, who to talk to, and how to build a successful case in these matters. I wouldn’t recommend tackling one of these hearings without representation, but I would certainly recommend calling Jeff, because no one will know how to prepare you like he does.


02.19.2015 – Great job
John – 5 stars

Jeffrey Hall did an excellent job on my traffic case, he didn’t just do a good job he did a great job, Jeff managed to get my case dismissed and in doing so kept my CDL clean and clear and for a truck driver that’s a big thing. Thanks Jeff great job couldn’t of asked for better results.


01.28.2015 – Excellent Job
Tony – 5 stars

I did not have a good night sleep since I got myself in trouble (retail theft) But Mr. Jeffrey Hall and Mr. Christ Leasor did listened and help me through my situation and now I can sleep well. I am very grateful and fully recommended. Because they are the attorneys you can trust and count on.


12.17.2014 – My shepherd
Clint – 5 stars

My court date was fast approaching and I, like a lamb lost in the woods, was ignoring all of the tell tale warnings of my most certain demise. I contacted Jeff and he guided me through this most terrible experience. I am happy to have had Mr. Hall on my side as my lawyer, my shepherd.


08.29.2014 – A Life-Changing Effort
Anonymous – 5 stars

In 1997 I pleaded guilty to the charge of misdemeanor Domestic Battery for a very minor incident involving my wife and myself and unknowingly forfeited my 2nd amendment right to bear arms and my Illinois FOID card. I have been an avid hunter all my life and wanted to teach my grandchildren gun safety and ethical hunting. Without my FOID card I was unable to take them hunting to pass on the lessons passed on to me by my father and grandfather.

In 2009 I went back to court to see if I could get the court to order the Illinois State Police to issue me a FOID card. Based on my perfectly clean record before and after the Domestic Battery Issue the judge granted my request and issued the order. I immediately sent off my application to the Illinois State Police and after considerable run around received a “fake” FOID card in the mail. The card in no way resembled a current FOID card. I could hear the Illinois State Police laughing as they put it in the envelope to send to me. No vendor would have accepted this card for a firearm or ammunition purchase. I felt overwhelmed and thought I had lost the battle.

In 2014 I decided to try one last time to get a proper FOID card. I did some internet research and discovered Attorney Jeff Hall. From his website it appeared he was exactly the attorney I was looking for. I call Jeff and over a thirty minute phone and a short office visit I knew I had found the right guy. Jeff is passionate about his work and his clients and was great about staying in contact with me letting me know exactly where he was with the case at all times. He knew I was getting a raw deal from the Illinois State Police stated he would do everything he could to correct the situation. That is exactly what Jeff did! I have finally received my official FOID card and I have Jeff to thank for that. I can now go hunting with my wife and grandchildren again. Life is good!


02.07.2014 – Jeff Hall is the man to call!!!!
Britt – 5 stars

I’ve been a client of Mr. Halls for a few years now and I must say he has provided the best legal help anyone could ask for… Especially in my case. Jeff was a bulldog in the court room when representing me. He kept me up to date on my legal situation and did not sugar coat anything… Overall Mr. Hall got me the best deal anyone could ask for under my own circumstances… Jeff Hall hats off too you… I have the opportunity to be in my son’s life because of this man… I’d highly recommend Jeff Hall if you want someone who will work hard and fight hard in your defense…


11.20.2013 – A grateful client of a great lawyer
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff went above and beyond his being just a lawyer. Never felt like I was bothering him with any little question. He was honest, and explained what was going on so I wasn’t lost, did a lot of prep work for questions. I went to a SOS hearing a few times without a Lawyer and believe me if I had Jeff as a lawyer the 1st time it would of save me a few years of not having driving privileges. I would recommended Jeff Hall to as a lawyer, help you at the SOS, and DUI to get your driving privileges back.


06.11.2013 – Jeffrey R. Hall
Anonymous – 5 stars

I was clueless when I was first charged with my offenses. Jeffrey was very helpful in helping me understand what I was charged for and how to best handle it. He continues to keep in contact with me and answer some of the silly questions I have, even when they are sometimes not related to the case. I was able to have a peace of mind throughout my case and was never left waiting for a response.

I was originally picked up for a DUI and two misdemeanor cannabis charges. Jeff was able to get my DUI down with court supervision and both of the misdemeanor charges were dropped.


05.02.2013 – Jeff’s Review
Patrick – 5 stars

Jeff is a very well-informed Lawyer who works quickly and swiftly and really does have his clients best interest in mind at all times and I would recommend him to anyone.


04.29.2013 – Above and beyond!
Jennifer – 5 stars

I cannot imagine any better outcome for my case than what was reached by Mr. Hall. He very promptly returned my call to set up an appointment and I was able to meet with him within the week. I was very upset about my situation, but I was relieved to find that Mr. Hall was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and he explained the entire process to me. I was embarrassed to even need an attorney, but Mr. Hall was never judgmental. I put my future in his hands, and I am so glad I did! In the end, Mr. Hall was able to work out a resolution so that my offense would never even show up on my record, when I was previously looking at jail time. He was very professional, and I cannot stress enough what a wonderful job he did!


10.24.2012 – Experienced criminal defense attorney
Michael Fritz, Attorney at Law – 5 stars

Mr. Hall is an experienced former prosecutor who now uses his expertise to assist clients with criminal defense needs throughout the state of Illinois. He has handled numerous matters for clients with prompt and successful results.


10.04.2012 – Illegal Consumption by a Minor defense
John – 5 stars

Jeff did an excellent job for us when our 18yo got in trouble for underage drinking. Not to condone minor consumption, but the laws on the books are quite harsh. Jeff helped to understand the ramifications and our options.

Jeff was not afraid to put up a fight with the state’s attorney and was prepared on our court date. Ultimately, Jeff worked to get charges amended and all ended well w/ no serious impact.

Thanks, Jeff!


09.12.2012 – Hard-working and very intelligent
Harold – 5 stars

I have used Jeff for counsel the past few years. The majority of my issues were out of state issues and Jeff did extensive research on the laws in my state. The recommendations he provided were well thought out, very strategic, and resulted in extremely successful results.

I would DEFINITELY recommend using Jeff Hall if you want someone who will look under every rock to uncover the strategy needed for a successful result.


09.12.2012 – Always available and knows what he’s doing.
Andrew – 5 stars

Since I’ve first used Jeff Hall as an attorney, he’s always been there for me. Even when I call him last-minute, he seems to pull time out of the air for me and help me in any way he can. He has helped me on numerous driving citations, whether it be court supervision or finding a way to dismiss them completely. He has also been there to oversee my home closing documents and provide great advice. What I find most important is that he almost always answers his phone when you need to reach him. If not, he returns my calls promptly. I recommend Jeff Hall to all my friends, and he has never let them down. I will continue to recommend him any chance I can.


04.24.2012 – Recommended Attorney
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff went above and beyond to help with traffic violations that may have resulted in suspension of my driver’s license. He has given me excellent legal advice in other areas as well.


04.24.2012 – Great, trustworthy lawyer!
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff helped me get court supervision for a speeding ticket for the third time to eliminate my insurance rates going up. He also was able to get a fine and ticket for driving without proof of insurance dropped. He went above and beyond being flexible with his time to show up to court with me. He explained everything that would happen once we went into the courtroom and made me feel very comfortable.


04.21.2012 – Great attorney and counsel!
Randy – 5 stars

I hired Jeff after I was referred to him by a friend and former client of his. I was arrested for DUI and I blew the breathalyzer and thought I was going to be in a big trouble. I met with Jeff and he immediately spotted problems with the State’s case and he filed a challenge to get the case thrown out of court. At the hearing, I only had to sit there while Jeff aggressively cross examined the police officer. He even got the police officer to admit they were speeding and breaking other traffic laws. The judge sided with us and the prosecutors had to dismiss my case. I learned to not drink and drive. I also learned that a good attorney is so very important! Jeff Hall is one of those attorneys!

03.20.2021 – Happy
Tyler – 5 stars

Happy I chose Jeff Hall to represent me for a second DUI arrest. From day one Jeff was a straight shooter with me on the outlook of my case ( I was not always happy about this) but also kept hope of the outcome he was working for that would benefit me. He always contacted me and let me know when court dates were being moved and keeping me updated. I had an issue at the start of required treatment, Jeff made a call on my behalf to help straighten things up, this saved me so much time and money. After over a year of stress and uncertainty, Jeff achieved the best possible outcome for my case. I cannot express enough gratitude for his help and what he achieved for me. HIGHLY recommend.


01.04.2021 – Highly Recommend
Jamie – 5 stars

We were referred to Jeff for our son’s out of state DUI. Jeff made sure we had all the right forms and documents filled out properly in order to get his license back. It’s a complicated process, and I know we wouldn’t have been able to do it ourselves!


11.17.2020 – Expungement
Scott – 5 stars

I would like to leave a review for Jeff Hall. He went over and beyond to help me file for expungement as well as get my felonies taken off my record. For years nobody would take it on or give me answers that meant anything, on overturning my record. He actually took the time to talk to me on the phone and figure out my history and to go in and find out that things were not done correctly in my former case. He went over and beyond to make sure that things were righted after being wrong for so many years. I can thank Mr. Hall now for giving me the opportunity to have my life back and continue to be a contributing member of society, and no longer a felon. I have opportunities that I thought I would never get back, and I have Mr. Hall to thank for that.


10.30.2020 – Best DUI attorney you could ask for
James – 5 stars

I contacted Jeff Hall when I had to get ready for my hearing to obtain full reinstatement of my driving privileges. Upon meeting him for a consultation, he had already looked over my file and had a plan that was very detailed and easy to understand. After hiring Jeff he was always available to answer questions or concerns I may have. Jeff also made sure I was fully prepared to go into any court hearing that I had with confidence. He would analyze any documents that were necessary for court and be precise with what was needed for them. After my final hearing he called me moments after I got an email from the state of Illinois to put me on the next steps to finalize the procedure.

All in all, Jeff Hall treated me like family. There wasn’t a question he didn’t have an answer to and is very passionate about his work. I couldn’t have made a better choice hiring him as my attorney.


10.27.2020 – Would definitely hire again for any issue we might have
Ann – 5 stars

We hired Jeff to represent our son in the reinstatement of his driver’s license. Jeff is very personable and realistic about how good people can make mistakes, learn from them and become better because of their mistakes. He is extremely knowledgeable about the DUI process and how to get the best results for his clients. You won’t regret hiring him, we didn’t.


07.02.2020 – Exceeded expectations
Anonymous – 5 stars

I was recently in an accident and was issued several serious citations, including a DUI. The first question that Jeff asked me in my consultation was “are you ok?” I knew when he asked me, he was genuinely concerned and that’s basically how the entire process went. He kept me informed by texts and emails of exactly what I needed to do and when, if I wasn’t sure about something he called me and spent the time to explain things and clarify as needed. He was honest, professional, and personable throughout the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of council and the outcome was better than I could have imagined. This firm KNOWS what they’re doing and how the system works.


10.02.2019 – Great attorney!
Stephanie – 5 stars

Jeff was my attorney for 4 years. After getting my 2nd DUI I began shopping around for someone to represent me. I knew I needed someone young, fresh, and driven. I had about 3 consultations with other attorneys before Jeff and I spoke on the phone. We talked for 15 minutes and I immediately knew this was the guy I needed. My case was a unique one. I had recieved 2 DUIS within a year, and I was in jeopardy of a petition to revoke for the 1st dui. I was looking at serving 60 days and required to have a BAIID machine for 5 years. Over the course of a year Jeff and the states attorney made a deal NOT to revoke me for my 1st DUI. I walked away with 10 days in jail, and he even negotiated to let me serve weekends. Not long after, I hired him for my reinstatement and got my license reinstated within a year and a half. I only had to have the BAIID for a year. I’m 100% confident that had I had another attorney my case would have ended differently.


00.24.2019 – My license is cleared!
Anonymous – 5 stars

I finally got my Illinois license cleared and I owe it all to Mr. Jeffrey Hall. He was very thorough and explained everything to me so I would understand the entire process. If you are looking to hire an attorney I would highly recommend him!


06.12.2019 – Highly Recommend Mr. Hall!
Anonymous – 5 stars

We hired Jeff to represent our son for 2 separate cases in 2 different counties, a felony marijuana charge & an armed robbery charge, both related to an underlying opioid addiction. He was facing multiple felony charges and a majority of his life in prison. Jeff successfully and patiently navigated us through the extremely intimidating and excessively complicated US judicial process. A skilled and knowledgeable attorney is absolutely essential if you are ever in such a situation. Jeff went above and beyond, representing him with professionalism and passion. Jeff persistently and aggressively worked with both prosecutors and thankfully one prosecutor was experienced and understood the association between drug addiction and criminal behavior. Jeff was able to work with one prosecutor for court order to an in-resident drug rehabilitation program, with reduction in felony charges, with time served, 2 years probation plus community service, thus avoiding spending decades in prison. Jeff saved our young son from spending much of his life in prison. We will be forever thankful for his hard work and dedication and will never be able to fully express our gratitude to him. If you are ever in need of an outstanding defense attorney, you need to hire Jeff!!


12.26.2018 – Great attorney!
Isaac – 5 stars

Jeff did a great job handling my situation. Met with him November and had the situation cleared up with within a month and handled all the paperwork and made my job easy. Jeff laid out all my options for me and told me how things would go. Things went very well and exactly how I wanted it to. I would definitely recommend Jeff to anybody.


09.06.2018 – Satisfied customer
Ryan – 5 stars

Jeff was extremely professional and answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I felt like he had a personal stake in my case and cared what I had to say and my input. Communication was easy and he set realistic expectations for possible outcomes and all possible options. Jeff’s close working relationship with the prosecutor and all members of the court made the process a lot smoother and helped erase uncertainty. His relationships also helped control the outcome to the most favorable possible and helped eliminate unnecessary legal steps saving future legal fees. I feel Jeff achieved the best possible outcome for me.


06.12.2018 – Parent approved!
Sean – 5 stars

Having a young and somewhat inexperienced driver on your insurance is expensive enough. Having tickets on that driver can raise the rates for sure! Jeff and his team have now helped my child get out of a couple different minor infractions that would have surely raised my premiums. Knowledgeable, thorough, and most of all, more affordable than throwing more money at my insurance company. We didn’t even have to show up to court, which saved us both from taking time off from work. Not only is Jeff a great person, he also happens to be VERY good at what he does. Worth every penny to have these people on your side!
Thank you Jeff and staff!!


04.20.2018 – Highly Recommend
Anonymous – 5 stars

After a long 5yrs Jeff was very helpful and got me thru the hardest situation I have ever been in. Thank you so much.


03.25.2018 – Best attorney I’ve ever hired!
Eric – 5 stars

After losing my license for almost 10 years, hiring Jeff was the best decision I’ve ever made. He helped me through the process of getting permits to drive to work and then ultimately helped me get full reinstatement. To say he was God sent is an understatement. He is the best attorney I’ve ever had and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my license back. If you want a great lawyer who is easy to talk to, knows the law, and will fight for you every step of the way, Jeff is your man!


02.08.2018 – Obstructing Justice
Anonymous – 5 stars

After being arrested for speaking up a little too loudly and expressing my freedom of speech I was arrested for obstructing justice. Jeff Hall Immediately took care of this issue for me. Jeff hall the charges dropped and I didn’t even have a court appearance. Great family guy that doesn’t judge even when you have an embarrassing arrest video.


01.01.2018 – Lawyer review
Gerald C. – 5 stars

Got me my CDL back. It was a long journey, but, with his tactics, it was pulled off.


12.13.2017 – DUI
Kaleb – 5 stars

Jeff was an amazing lawyer. He walked me through every step of the way with great knowledge. He answered every question I had and made sure I understood exactly what was going on. He kept in contact with me to make sure I was on track. He had everything he always needed and treated me as if I was his only client. He cared for my well-being and best interest instead of just excepting whatever was offered. He made she I was well aware that the mistake I made was extremely wrong and made that very clear while at the same time letting me know that in life we make mistakes and if we take the right steps and focus on correcting the mistake that it wasn’t over. He kept me motivated through the process to keep pushing and now I have a fully reinstated driver’s license. I am very thankful and proud to have Jeff by my side through this tough process. I strongly recommend him.


10.31.2017 – DUI Defense
Ryan – 5 stars

Jeff Hall and his staff were absolutely amazing! They were incredibly upfront and very honest right from the start. It is not an enjoyable process, and I strongly suggest never being in the position to need an Attorney:( However, if you do I would strongly recommend consulting and hiring Jeff Hall. After my first consultation Jeff clearly explained the processes and what my likely outcomes would be. Him and Chris Leasor were available during the entire process either by phone, or by email. In my opinion they helped coach me through an incredibly negative experience, and made it a bit more positive. Again I stress to not be in the position to have to have an attorney for a DUI (come on UBER!) but if you are….Def look to Jeff Hall and his team.


10.09.2017 – The best lawyer you could ask for! Treats you like family and not just a piece of paper!
Brendan – 5 stars

There not enough words to say how amazing of a lawyer Jeff Hall is. He treats you like family and not like your just a piece of paper or just another client for his pocket book. He goes over and beyond for you and then some. I was facing my 3rd DUI and looking at a Felony and 180 days in jail and not only that, this charge was going to revoke my probation I was on for a prior offence witch would have landed me most likely in prison. I explained my situation and how I was a single father and would lose my daughter if I did any jail time and how the felony would make life really hard being on my record. Not only did he take the time to listen to my story but he took the time to get to know me and made me feel like he truly cared about me as a person, he made me feel at ease and that I was in great hands throughout the whole process. Jeff is there for you to listen and will talk you through anything you need and explains in a way you understand and doesn’t just tell you what you want to here. Well as I mentioned before I went to Jeff Hall’s office (witch I should include is a stunning office) I was facing my 3rd DUI, a minimum of 180 days in jail, a felony on my record, a revocation of my probation, losing a job and possibly my daughter. Well through his hard work and dedication to me I ended up with only a misdemeanor, 2 years probation and some community service hours that I have no problem doing considering. Oh, and let’s not forget saved me from getting my prior probation revoked, He literally not only saved my life and my future but my daughter loosing time with her dad. Again, I cannot say enough good things about this man, he went over and beyond for me and the people I recommended to Jeff says the same thing to me all the time. That’s there so grateful I recommended them to him. I also would like to mention a few things about why I said he truly cares about you. During one of the many conversations, we had on him calling just to check up on how I was doing he convinced me that going to rehab would be a great Idea for myself and my daughter that I would go to rehab and I took his advice and have over 14 months clean with his support. He also supported me on going back to school and I’m now on my way to become a drug and alcohol counselor so now I can pay it forward and help others. Thank you, Jeff Hall, for treating me not only like a person but like a family member, putting my mind to ease and doing more than I could ever ask for or imagine. You are a great man and I forever will be thankful. Oh, I almost forgot. I had written down the wrong date for one of my court dates and had missed it, Not only did Jeff do everything and some to get ahold of me he sat at court all day and early evening until he changed the states attorney’s mind to not give me a warrant for my arrest which would have probably messed up all his hard work. Also, I’d like to mention Jeff is just as good at reinstatement of your license. Jeff has gotten every single one I sent his way there license back the first time they went to Springfield. So, finally, if you’re looking for a lawyer that will do everything possible a lawyer can do for you. someone that will treat you like family and not just a piece of paper and that will go over and beyond for you then I highly recommend Jeff Hall. He will help put your mind to ease and get you more than best possible outcome you could imagine and is worth every penny and then some.


09.06.2017 – Straight-forward lawyer
RaeAnne – 5 stars

I was charged with DUI and hired Jeff after speaking with another attorney. I was worried about the DUI and my professional career. I voiced to Jeff about my anxiety with going to court. Jeff understood and would have me in and out of the courtroom at a timely matter. He answered all my questions promptly. He also worked very hard on my case, which he got all charges dismissed without having to go to trial in one of the toughest counties-Woodford. To top it off, he was affordable. Money very well spent. Words cannot explain how great of attorney he is. He even gave me a life lesson talk after the last court date.


07.29.2017 – Misdemeanor Aggravated Speeding
Adam E. – 5 stars

Class A misdemeanor speeding (118 in 55). Jeff and his associate Chris were able to work out a deal for court supervision and a traffic safety class, keeping a conviction off my record. This could have been so much worse. They explain each step of the process and answer any questions. Happy with the outcome of my case.


01.04.2017 – Excellent honest lawyer
Troy – 5 stars

I contacted Jeff when I received a DUI while driving on revoked, he was very professional and helpful and I hired Jeff immediately and he was able to reduce what could have been a felony to a misdemeanor. I was very pleased with all of his help and being a honest straight forward attorney that resulted in a great outcome. I would highly recommend Jeff Hall to anyone in need!


12.16.2016 – Prompt, professional assistance + favorable outcome
Anonymous – 5 stars

Mr. Hall was excellent to work with! I had received a traffic ticket for a serious speeding violation classified as a Class B misdemeanor when driving through Peoria, and was required to appear in court although I lived nearly 2 hours away. As I had never been in court before, I found his contact information based on some reviews online and e-mailed him to see if there was any way he could assist. He responded to the initial inquiry I sent within a day with full explanations of potential resolution options, and was able to delay the court date to allow him and Mr. Leasor, another attorney in his office, to work through options with the traffic prosecutor. Not only was he able to remove the requirement for me to appear in court altogether, but succeeded in reducing the degree of severity of the prosecution and therefore the sentencing to a fine and six-month court supervision, with no penalty on my driving record or reporting to my insurance company if there are no violations during those six months. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Hall and Mr. Leasor kept me informed of the status. They were very straightforward regarding the fees charged and clear about what could result in additional costs, also indicating that they would not proceed with anything that could result in additional costs unless they received my approval in advance. (Nothing ended up requiring additional costs, but this approach was still quite reassuring). Due to the excellent customer service, professional handling of the entire matter (and satisfactory outcome!), I would highly recommend Mr. Hall to anyone in need of legal assistance in central Illinois.


11.14.2016 – I trusted this firm with my child! And I would again!
Anonymous – 5 stars

I do not want to give my name or tell the sex of my child because they were able to get this taken care of without the case going to trial. My child was arrested (without cause) at the Summer Camp Music Festival for serious charges (that were fabricated). It could have affected their life! However, that is oftentimes the situation when you are arrested without justification: The law sees you as scum without even thinking you might be innocent. They think the police must be right! If Jeff, and Chris from his office, would not have taken the time, care, and known how to wield their knowledge and power – my child may have had no one to help them get treated fairly and without the recourse that could have affected them unjustly. My child can now go on to live their life unscathed because they WERE innocent for what they were charged with and Jeff and Chris made sure the Court knew that!!! If you love your child, trust this firm. It may be one of the best things you can do to help your child grow safely!!!


09.28.2016 – Best DUI lawyer by FAR in Peoria, Tazewell and surrounding areas.
Anonymous – 5 stars

My experience with Jeff Hall was overall outstanding! He exceed my expectations. He was very upfront and honest with me from the beginning making me feel at ease and excited to get my License back. I lost privileges due to 2 duis and a drug charge. Violation of probation and many other messy violations. Jeff was very knowledgeable and treated me with respect and made me feel as if bad things do happen to really good people. Now, it was time just fix it and move on. I like his confidence and attitude. He is very prompt at responding to my questions and directed me in all the right directions. He is a “go getter” and knows the laws! He knows how to get the job done the first time!! I recommend him to anyone with DUI or Drug Charges. Thank u Jeff Hall!!!


09.08.2016 – Jeff is awesome
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff is an awesome guy I was fighting a case for a 1 1/2 and today he got the case dismissed he has been so great this whole year making sure and telling me everything going on with my case he didn’t miss a beat and I am forever grateful for that…. Thank u again, Jeff! You’re awesome!


05.12.2016 – Absolutely wonderful!
Brandi – 5 stars

My daughter is 19, she is autistic and has behavior problems that are sometimes out of her control. She got aggressive towards a medical personnel and that woman pressed charges. She was being charged with a felony! (It was a felony Because it was a medical personnel) Jeff Hall worked hard with the prosecutors and kept in constant contact with me keeping me updated as to what was going to happen. Needless to say he was able to get all charges dropped. As they should have been considering the situation. He took time personally to explain to her how she needs to use coping skills, making sure she understood why she wasn’t charged and how Not to make a bad situation worse. When my daughter gets escalated, there is no controlling her. She cannot help it and doesn’t even know what she is doing once she is in that state of mind! Shame on the nurse who is in that field because she should Not be working in a psych unit!! But kudos to Jeff Hall for being so good at his job and such a caring and compassionate person!!! Highly recommend him! Thank you so much!!


04.15.2016 – Exceeded All Expectations
John – 5 stars

Aside from completely succeeding with the legal matters for which I hired Mr. Hall, which were both serious and complex, Jeffery was a true pleasure to work with. With such overwhelming and debilitating circumstances jeopardizing my freedom and very means of survival, his immediate, precise and knowledgeable assessment of the situation, communicated with such articulation, honesty, optimism and confidence, was a genuine relief for me beginning with our very first phone conversation. In retrospect, I realized that I had found myself with something much more than an attorney; I had discovered a counselor of the most professional and competent caliber, at perhaps the most critical junction in my life thus far.


02.02.2016 – One stop shop!
Matthew – 5 stars

Jeff represented me on my 2nd DUI.  I knew the case was strong against me but Jeff was incredibly helpful from the very beginning. I called his office and he responded the same day. We set an appointment and during the consultation (he spent a little over an hour with me), he explained everything I was realistically facing. He gave me a very informative information packet and after I hired him, he helped me so much. He gave me coupons on how to save money on different costs that accrue from a DUI arrest (saved me $150 on the BAIID installation with his coupon) and he (and his associate attorney Chris) guided me through the entire DUI process. We recently resolved my case and even though I blew over the limit, I received a very acceptable deal and now I’m hiring Jeff for my license reinstatement. His advice helped me and now we’re gearing up to go to Springfield to get a restricted license so I can still drive. If you want lawyers that genuinely care for you, respond in a timely manner, and make you not worry so much, Jeff is your attorney to hire.


01.19.2016 – License Reinstatement
Anonymous – 5 stars

I hired Mr. Hall to help me get my license reinstated from DUI revocation. I attempted a few times to achieve this on my own and realized an attorney is a must. Not having a knowledgeable attorney help me prepare left me in a more difficult situation than I should’ve been in. Mr. Hall spent many hours consulting with my evaluator to straighten this out. I received an RDP and subsequently full reinstatement. Mr. Hall is knowledgeable of the laws and processes, and I do feel he went above and beyond to help me achieve my goal. He will let you know ahead of time exactly what questions he will ask you, guide you through the appropriate answers and give you a clear idea what to expect at the actual hearing. Although still nervous I definitely felt much more comfortable going in with him than I did going at it alone previously. In the end, I found myself in a bind due to timing delays and he really came through for me when it counted the most, avoiding a lapse in driving privileges. He always got back to me with questions I had. The only regret I have in hiring him is that I didn’t do it sooner.


12.18.2015 – Top of the line!
Dustin – 5 stars

Always answered my calls, always explained everything in detail in ways that I could understand. He actually recommended that we go to trial because the prosecutor’s case was weak and got my case dismissed! Not some plead it out type. He actually has bargaining power with local prosecutors. Straight shooter. Worth every Penny!


09.18.2015 – Extremely professional and practical traffic law service. Call Hall.
Anonymous – 5 stars

After facing a pretty severe felony traveling to Summer Camp Music Festival, I contacted Jeff out of recommendation from another person who had contracted his services before. Mr. Hall not only resolved my case in a speedy (2 court appearances) and professional manner, he researched other cases extensively and helped to find other situations similar and in favor of my position. My felony was reduced to a misdemeanor and eligible for expungement in later time. He is a prime example of what the experienced and effective lawyer looks like today.


05.25.2015 – I got pinched at Summer Camp Music Festival! Jeff saved my future!
Michael – 5 stars

This review has been long overdue. Last year, while on the way to Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL, I was arrested by police before I got to the festival. They pulled me over for “following too closely,” even though I was nearly 2 car lengths behind the car in front of me. The cop pulls me over and before he comes up to my window, he has the canines walking around my car. The dog “signals” and next thing you know they are searching my car. They do find controlled substances and I thought my life was ruined.

I called Jeff and he answered all my questions, did not rush to get off the phone, and appeared genuinely concerned. He quoted me a reasonable fee to represent me and looking back, everything he told me about what to expect turned out to be spot on. He ended up getting my felony amended to a misdemeanor and I didn’t even have to appear in court. We did one of the first “skype” pleas in the nation and I was able to resolve my case without even appearing in court. I don’t have any conviction on my record and I can expunge the offense in the future.

I highly recommend Jeff Hall. He really made me think differently about lawyers (in a good way). I definitely owe him more than the fee that I paid him. He would respond to my calls quickly, he would always talk to me until I didn’t have any more questions, and he actually seemed to care about my predicament. If you hire him, you will be treated with respect and he will be “real” with you.


05.08.2015 – The best ever!
Lilie – 5 stars

Mr. Hall gave me his goal outcome of the case and a worst case scenario; he went above and beyond my expectations as well as his own. He had no doubt in his own abilities. He absolutely did more than i could expect or imagine. He’s amazing and i will refer him to anyone for anything, big or small, he can handle it. Without going into too much detail about my case, Mr. Hall got the whole case dismissed. I could not ask for anything more. I appreciate everything he did. He gave me another chance of a lifetime.


02.25.2015 – Got my driving privileges back after 17 years!
Anonymous – 5 stars

I hired Jeff to help me get my driving privileges back from Illinois. It had been nearly 17 years since i lost my privileges. I moved out of state and I could not obtain a driver’s license in any state due to this “hold” on my license. Jeff helped me by finding a method to expedite the process. He assisted me with application and sure enough, the State of Illinois granted our petition and lifted the hold on my driving record. I now have a driver’s license from my home state and I am driving lawfully for the first time in 17 years. Thank you, Jeff Hall, for helping get my life back. I got a job right away, because of my License and can now support myself and my family.


02.21.2015 – Definitely worth it!
Michael R. – 5 stars

Mr. Hall and his associate attorney, Chris Leasor, both worked together on my DUI. I was terrified after being arrested. At the first meeting, they both made me feel better about the entire process. Mr. Hall explained all the different outcomes and told me the most likely outcome. Turns out, he worked out a better deal for me than we first thought. My DUI was in Peoria County and since Mr. Leasor is the former chief DUI prosecutor there, they knew everyone, knew how the system worked from the other side, and walked me through the entire process with only a couple court dates required for me to appear at. I would’ve lost my job but we worked out a deal that would keep me employed, keep me out of jail, and keep my driver’s license from being revoked. Me and my family owe Mr. Hall (and Mr. Leasor) a debt of gratitude. I definitely recommend Jeff Hall and his law firm, Hall, Rustom & Fritz.

Their fees are reasonable and affordable. I had their direct contact info and could get messages to them at any time. They responded regularly in a timely manner and never kept me guessing what was going to happen next. It was my second time needed a lawyer and they really made it better for me when compared to my first attorney.


02.17.2015 – FOID Card
Don – 5 stars

If your FOID card has been revoked due to a Hospital Stay for Alcohol and or Depression, you need to call Jeff Hall. Jeff is very experienced when this happens. Jeff is very passionate in reference to this due to the fact that if you are not a (CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) your FOID card should not be revoked. On March 8th, 2013 Gov Quinn signed into Law Public Act 97-1167 which allows you to seek treatment without having to worry about your FOID card being revoked. Jeff is a professional. Jeff is helping me in this process and it is moving in the right direction. Jeff does not let up. I have been in Law Enforcement for over 16 years and have dealt with several Defense Attorneys and Jeff is by far a guy you want on your side to fight for your rights. The system with the State Police needs a severe overhaul until then it’s unfortunate if you want your card back have to fight for it and let Jeff help.

Public Act 97-1167, which was signed into law by Governor Quinn on March 8, 2013, finally allows police officers to seek treatment for alcohol abuse disorders without fear of losing their FOID card and the concomitant unpaid leave. In the past, officers who voluntarily sought treatment for alcohol abuse and were treated in an institution risked the Department of Health notifying the State Police of the inpatient admission. The State Police would then revoke the officer’s FOID card and the City of Chicago could put the officer on unpaid leave as a result of failing to fulfill one of the requirements of employment – having a valid FOID card. The FOID Act was never intended to work such an injustice on police officers voluntarily seeking treatment. This new legislation which amends the FOID Act will prevent such abuse from occurring in the future. Public Act 97-1167 prohibits the State Police from revoking an officer’s FOID card where he or she has voluntarily sought treatment for an alcohol abuse disorder and the treatment was rendered in a facility defined under the Firearms Owners Identification Act as a mental institution (which includes many hospitals). It was passed after a long legislative battle, which included the passage of House Bill 4673 by both houses; the amendatory veto by agreement of House Bill 4673 by Governor Quinn on August 17, 2012; and the passage of a new measure (House Bill 1273) in early January of the veto session.

Public Act 97-1167 also amends the Firearms Owners Identification Card Act to provide a procedure by which active law enforcement officers who are denied, revoked or have had his/her FOID card seized because the officer has been a patient in a mental institution, can apply to the Director of the State Police requesting relief if the officer did not act in a manner threatening to the him or herself, another person or the public, as determined by the treating clinical psychologist or physician. The new law would not have been possible without the tireless effort of our legislative sponsors, Representative Carli and Senator Muñoz, who were with us during each leg of this journey. Representative Carli is a current Chicago Police Sergeant and Rep. Munoz is a former Chicago Police Officer.


01.21.2015 – Worry/Distracted … Depression/anxiety girl in program!
LUZ – 5 stars

First of all, Mr. Hall moved so fast the day I called him in order to prevent for my 20 year old daughter get arrested, because she didn’t go to court on the first date of one of the tickets. Then, he was very clear in explaining what was the seriousness of each ticket. He changed the court date to a more convenient date for us. Even on the day before, he sent me an e-mail in the morning asking me if I wanted to move the court date to another day so we didn’t have to drive during a winter storm, but I didn’t see until next morning. The day of the court, he came to my daughter and I and explained again how some of the rules in IL had changed for first offenders (something he doesn’t believe in) and negotiated to have the Class A misdemeanor dismissed and the judge accepted it, but only if my daughter claimed herself guilty to the “minor” ticket, which was the speeding and doubling the fee. Mr. Hall made me feel very confident from the first call and he proved to be even a better lawyer.


12.04.2014 – Highly Recommend!
Colleen C. – 5 stars

I needed a find a lawyer for a traffic ticket for a friend who lives in a different state. It was stressful to find just the right lawyer for him over the internet. After choosing Jeff Hall we experienced professionalism, honestly sharing the scenarios of the case, and continuous contact with updates. Jeff does not take no for an answer and negotiates to achieve the desired results. We could not have been happier with the service we received.


04.05.2014 – My Experience
Anonymous – 5 stars

I hired Jeff at the beginning of November 2013 and we finished our case in March 2014. Throughout the entire case Jeff was very supportive and knowledgeable of everything. He returned all emails or calls within a day and majority of the time within hours. He is very easy going and always looked out for my best interest. He was never looking for an easy way out to close the case with just any outcome. I was facing a felony charge with a prior charge on my record. This felony conviction could have potentially ended my career goals that I am currently pursing. Plus, I already had a second chance, so the prior didn’t make the case easy. However, Jeff took my best interest into consideration and ended up getting the felony dropped down to a misdemeanor with probation conditional discharge. Therefore, my schooling and work were not affected, and I couldn’t be more pleased with Jeff’s work.


01.24.2014 – Amazing! Highly Recommend!
C. Scott – 5 stars

Jeff Hall is an amazing attorney. He is informative and definitely knows what he’s doing. He worked with the prosecutors to get me the best plea possible and had my best interest at heart. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend him as an attorney. If you want things done right, he is your man!


07.18.2013 – Awesome lawyer!
Kelsey – 5 stars

I hired Jeff when I was facing a felony charge. I had never been in trouble but I was extremely worried and had no idea what would happen. Jeff explained everything to me so I understood and I could tell that he was a good lawyer. He got my charges dropped the day of my first court appearance and I am extremely grateful!! Thank you so much Jeff!!!


05.13.2013 – The Right Choice …
Anonymous – 5 stars

I found myself in need of legal representation for a felony charge. I am a licensed professional and my career, freedom and livelihood were at stake. Therefore, finding appropriate representation was critical. I talked with several attorneys and was immediately impressed with Jeff Hall. I found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and straight forward. He stood out as “the one” that would fight for me. After meeting with Jeff, I knew I had made the right choice in hiring him to represent me. He was tough, aggressive and yet caring. He started working on my case the minute I left his office and had the charge against me reduced to a misdemeanor by the end of the day. He consistently kept me informed of new developments, my options and the legal process in general. I was thankful for his straight forward communication and honesty. Being in a situation I’d never been in before, I had many questions and concerns. We communicated regularly, and he always responded promptly to my inquiries. A negative outcome of my case would have detrimentally affected every aspect of my future. This was a very painful journey, and Jeff was there for me all the way to the end. Thanks to his persistence, commitment and strong work ethic, my case had a positive resolution. I would recommend Jeff without hesitation to anyone in need of an attorney. Thank-you Jeff for everything!


05.01.2013 – Mr. Hall goes above and beyond.
Jeremy – 5 stars

Let me start by saying Mr. Hall does his job and does it well. He cares about his clients and will go to bat for you. I had a case that lasted 2 years and Mr. Hall stuck with it and didn’t take no for answer and finally after many court appearances and much deliberation between him and the prosecutor he got the outcome I wanted. I’m 120% satisfied with the job he did. Thanks Jeff much appreciated ..


02.20.2013 – The BEST!!!!
Patrick – 5 stars

Jeff Hall went above and beyond the call of duty when representing me for an improper DUI charge. Not only did he get the charges dropped, but he was able to get my license reinstated.
Thank you Mr. Hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10.10.2012 – Wonderful job
Ryan – 5 stars

Jeff did a wonderful job with my case. He talked to me for free and answered all of my questions for me up front. He was very prepared for the court date and truly impressed me with his knowledge and how much effort he put into my case. He was able to get it dropped and I got off of everything. I have worked with a few lawyers in the past and have not been very pleased until I had Jeff represent me. I now have a lawyer that i can trust and will go to from here on out if I need anything at all. I highly recommend Jeff for any reason you may need a lawyer you will not be disappointed.


09.17.2012 – Jeff Hall saved me big time!
Mike – 5 stars

I hired Jeff Hall after my sister referred me (she had hired Jeff for my nephew’s underage drinking ticket). She recommended him and told me he would make sure everything works out for my case. (My nephew was at risk of losing his driving privileges and Jeff figured out a way to save him from being suspended).

I was charged with a more serious crime (a felony) and I needed an attorney that was experienced, communicated well, and was trustworthy. Jeff met with me for free and was very knowledgeable, easy to understand, answered all my questions, was confident and most importantly, I left his office feeling better about my whole situation. I went to his office feeling so anxious and I left without any anxiety. He instructed me on exactly what I needed to do and ultimately, my case was dismissed, and I pled to a much lesser offense (a misdemeanor) because Jeff built my defense and communicated with the prosecutor who decided it was best to dismiss the felony. I was nervous about attorneys because you always hear bad stories. Jeff proved me wrong and since I still have my job and my freedom, I owe him a lot. Thanks again, Jeff!


09.12.2012 – Great attorney!
Anonymous – 5 stars

Jeff is the best! He was patient, calm and confident in my dealings with him which helped me to feel good about working with him. He managed to get things handled and thrown out in three weeks which was a full week before the court date. Will definitely refer my friends to him.

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